Professional Services Marketing Conference 2018

The Professional Services Marketing Conference is a journey through the business development process - starting with the marketing, then going into the sales process & highlighting Digital Marketing. Intermingled are presentations on mindset. All topics working together for getting more clients.

  • Marketing

    Marketing is all about raising awareness of your business, building trust & credibility and keeping your business "Front of Mind" until the time is right for a prospect potentially to engage your services.

  • Sales

    Sales takes over from the marketing. Once the prospect has been established and is in the situation ready to buy, being able to have sales conversations & get the sale across the line is vital.

  • Mindset

    Marketing & Sales are all dependent on the mindset of the Service Professional & their staff. Mindset influences every part of the business development journey from branding, building the relationships of trust right through to being able to have the sales conversation.

  • Digital Marketing

    Digital Marketing is apart of marketing and is highly dependent on technical knowledge of online platforms and the technology - understanding this area can be a game- changer!

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